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PharmRX Solutions, Inc. is a digital pharmacy supply chain roll-up solution that cohesively links physicians, pharmacists and patients together utilizing a proprietary web based prescription management system. PharmRX also delivers a full range of Internet-based prescription management support services that give physicians, pharmacists and patients a reason to use PharmRX owned pharmacies as a destination for solutions that go well beyond the currently available industry standard solutions for prescription delivery and management. The company’s offerings provide a more convenient method for patients to obtain and manage their specialty prescription drug medications, while resolving many complex issues facing physicians, pharmacists and patients. Specifically, the model targets physicians specializing in pain management such as orthopedics, neurology, oncology, psychiatry, physical rehabilitation and industrial medicine.

The initial focus of PharmRX is to purchase several existing profitable independent pharmacies, capitalizing on the efficiencies of a chain operation while retaining the features and community loyalty behind successful independent pharmacies. These pharmacies are “rolled up” into a chain, then revenues and profitability are enhanced through the deployment of the PharmRX proprietary web based prescription management system and PharmRX ReAuth Center service offerings in each respective market.

PharmRX Solutions Inc. system unites disparate silos of prescription information with the power and operational efficiencies of the internet. Unlike traditional independent pharmacy chains, PharmRX provides a unique combination of proprietary technology and services by establishing a single standardized channel of communication that connects all the parties in the prescription delivery chain. By delivering products and services that address and simplify many aspects of our customers’ business/lives, PharmRX is creating sustainable barriers to outside entry and building a business that saves time and money for all parties involved.